I will keep you updated on all performances and publications here. You can read all my scripts by following the links below. 

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Sit On It

Sit on it is about a group of girls (and two guys) on a night out, who spend most of it in the women's toilet. Read here: 

Between the Dog and the Wolf

In collaboration with the filmmaker Julieanne Eason (the clinic). This multi-sensory installation was part of the Auckland Arts Festival and tells the story of two strangers trapped together in a summer house. More here: 


Sliderhands is about a manager of a chocolate shop who falls in love with a BDSM loving magician. Read here:


BabyCakes is a character-driven comedy about a wedding, a call center, and people bent on being normal. Read here:


Trashbag takes inspiration from the eighties and nineties teen movies. Read here:


2017:  Between the Dog and the Wolf, Auckland Arts Festival, and Wellington Arts Festival.

2016- 2018: Sit On It, Royal Holloway University of London Drama Society.

2015: Between the Dog and the Wolf, Audacious Sonic Festival.

2015: Sit On It, Auckland Theatre Company.

2013: Trashbag, Young and Hungry Festival.

2011: Sit On It, published by The Play Press.

2011: Sit On It, Womanz Work, New Zealand Wide Schools Tour.

2010: Sit On It, Auckland Theatre Company’s Young and Hungry Festival.

2010: Sit On It, Young and Hungry Festival, Bats Theatre and The Basement.
2008- Babycakes, Wellington Fringe Festival.